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About Feds for Freedom, who we are, why we are and what we stand for. Join the Fight for Freedom.

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Providing documents & templates to assist you with our fight for freedom.

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Research posts developed from various resources. Bringing you the truth from all over the world.

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Do You Need Legal Assistance? - VOUS avez besoin d’un(e) conseiller(ère) juridique?

Are you NOT comfortable filing and self-representing your grievances? Do you have a little extra money in your pockets? - VOUS avez besoin d’un(e) conseiller(ère) juridique? Vous ne vous sentez PAS à l’aise de déposer et de défendre vous-mêmes vos griefs? Vous avez un peu d’argent à votre disposition?

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We are volunteers. We are not lawyers or medical doctors and are not providing any official legal or medical advice. In no way should any information coming from Feds for Freedom or any individuals be construed as legal or medical advice. We are sharing our guidance and documents with you because we want to offer support and help people understand their legal rights. We are stronger in numbers and are all defending the same rights and freedoms. 

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