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Canadian Federal Public Service Employees & like minded individuals against mandatory vaccination.
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Part 5: Day 2 paid for now, working for now, looking for answers & union representation! 👇🏻
Part 6: Day 3 Got an extension… but not long enough! 👇🏻
Pursuant to section 128(1) of the Canadian Labour Code. I have invoked my right to refuse unsafe work, based on MY specific circumstances. If anyone would like to do the same they will have to develop their own argument based on their specific circumstances. If anyone does invoke their right please let me know as if multiple people do so against the same policy then the case is stronger.
Here is a link to my specific situation.
Part 7: Day 4/5/6 … preparing my Trojan horse. 👇🏻
Sorry guys I thought the above video was uploaded long ago!
Part 8: Post level 2 investigation. 👇🏻
Hello all, two weeks ago we hinted at a new legal strategy we were pursuing; take heart, we have positive news and an update for you! This is what we have been working on, with lawyers, behind the scenes.
1. WE HAVE RETAINED A LAWYER and are working on a legal strategy that has not yet been explored.
2. CEASE & DESIST- our lawyer is drafting a letter that will be issued to our employer notifying them that we are aware of our rights and their activities must stop. This is just our first step.
3. FILING COMPLAINTS – We are also filing complaints with the Federal Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB) in regards to the colossal failure of our unions on their Duty of Fair Representation. We will also be filing complaints to the FPSLREB against the Employer in regards to the policy.
4. MEDIA COVERAGE - We have been in contact with Rebel News and have been approved for Crowdfunding through The Democracy Fund!!! This is amazing as it will allow us to gain exposure to a much larger audience and have our stories heard. While crowdfunding is incredible, we are still looking to our membership in Feds For Freedom to donate to our cause, as they are able.
5. ENROLLMENT IS STILL OPEN – Sign up to be a claimant by providing your information here https://www.fedsforfreedom.ca/do-you-need-legal-assistance/?fbclid=IwAR0VN9iFtlG4Na56AE-fvyjH_5UpnUsj5K7k4Cafs3dWsFo6uEko6IhNps8
6. IF YOU ARE PART OF ANOTHER LEGAL ACTION – If you are a plaintiff in an on-going case (i.e. Bergman, Galati, or other lawsuits) you are ineligible to participate in this legal recourse
All I want for Christmas is what’s legal, ethical & just. ♥️🎄🇨🇦
Part 9: My mumma didn’t raise no quitter, level 3 investigation requested! 👇🏻
Today is the day I have been put on leave without pay, today is the day my dream job & everything I worked for 11 years of my life crumbles to the ground. And I start all over again, all becuase I wanted the simple right of my body my choice. My employer has also decided I personally have no right to even request medical or religious accommodations & have it be assessed, prior to this financial penalty.
Today is the day I remember our past, cry for our present & pray for our future. This world, our country & the government, are not the ones I remember growing up being so proud of. My employer is not only taking away my livelihood, but also my rights & freedoms as a person, as Canadian Citizen & as a women. All while creating the biggest divide we have ever known in this country. I left private industry in hopes of having a discrimination & harassment free workplace, all to be let down a mear 3 years into my contract.
I am being left behind by family & “friends” for simply taking care of my own personal health. Me choosing my personal health choices for my body & my future family should never be a political topic or put me at risk of loosing my livelihood. While I suffer one of the biggest losses I will ever know right before Christmas, I still stand here and try to SAVE PEOPLES LIVES from this poison that is NOT SAFE OR EFFECTIVE. Continuing to try to save strangers from the biggest failed experimental clinical trial of all time, while trying to ensure my mental health & personal relationships don’t suffer.
All the while being hated by these strangers, my friends & my own family, wondering why they don’t see I am trying to help. Yet I continue to push forward, because even if you all hate me for telling the truth & trying to spread awareness, I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING IS RIGHT. My parents taught me to help the less fortunate, to pray for the people I can’t help & to act in a respectful and caring manner. All I ask is for our population & government to do the same for its citizens. So even with all of the hate & doubt I feel, I will never stop fighting for our freedoms as Canadians, for me, for my family, for my friends, for the children & for the strangers.
Divided we fall,
Stacey Payne
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