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FedsForFreedom advocates for an employee’s right to informed consent, bodily autonomy, and medical privacy within the Canadian Federal Public Service.
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Just had a great meeting with legal council and our named representatives for the class action. We will be updating our FAQs and providing a more detailed timeline for the suit so our members can understand what our path forward will look like moving forward! ❤️
Our Liberty Membership: Class Action Legal Campaign webpage has been updated; including our steps forward & our FAQs if you have fellow colleagues interested in joining our pursuit of justice against their employer please direct them to this page for all of the relevant details & how to join!
Stay tuned big things coming soon! Please go to our website Fedsforfreedom.ca for more information! 🧡🍁
Members; More fundraising options to share far and wide. After taking 2 years to develop a course of action we have one! Our Class Action will be ready for public release next Monday. Please share this fundraising link to help support our cause.

Back up and running you should have the survey in your email!
In a democratic society your opinion matters! Please check your email and cast your vote now!

Our Liberty Membership is open to Canadian's who qualify to support our Class Action Lawsuit. Members; please share this far and wide! We need to reach as many people in need as possible.

If you would like to share this off of Telegram please share the direct link from our website:

Meet Dixie, our new Freedom Loving Mascot!
To the service men and women who stand up day in and day out for our freedom’s and to the ones we have lost, we honour them today and everyday. Lest we forget. 🇨🇦
Our Class Action Statement of Claim Supporting Unionized Core Federal Public Servants has been filed & served! This is the first Class Action of its type supporting Federal Public Servants. Join our Liberty Membership now to support this Class Action Suit, against the Federal Government and their unconstitutional vaccine mandates. Please follow the link below too; read the full statement of claim, learn about our specific arguments & see if you meet the definitions to join our membership and support the class action suit.

Anyone harmed by the emergencies act.
PIPSC members,

We are looking for those who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 mandates and lack of support from PIPSC. We need as many of us as possible to attend the 2024 PIPSC AGM (in November, at downtown Toronto). PIPSC AGM delegates' attendance costs are covered by PIPSC. To attend a PIPSC AGM, you can separately request to be considered for a delegate spot from both your PIPSC region and branch. Each region and branch typically send the call for delegates in the spring with sometimes short deadlines. Your delegate request blurb can be short and sweet, and should be absent from political leanings. Human beings typically do the picking and the goal is to get a spot. It will be another PIPSC general election year. The AGM is the supreme governing body of PIPSC. We will try to have COVID-19 mandate related resolutions discussed at the AGM in 2024. For those of us who manage to gain a delegate spot at the 2024 PIPSC AGM, please contact contact@fedsforfreedom.ca.
Jan 23 2024: Justice Mosley agreed with the CCF that Cabinet’s invocation of the Act in February 2022 was not reasonable for two reasons; First, Cabinet did not properly account for the requirement under section 3 of the Act that emergencies only be declared where a situation cannot be effectively dealt with under any other law. Second; the requirement of reasonable grounds to believe that Canada faced “threats to the security of Canada” had not been met. Section 17 of the Act states that “threats to the security of Canada” has the same meaning as it has under section 2(c) of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act (the “CSIS Act”), which includes threats like terrorism, espionage and attempts to overthrow the government. Justice Mosley said that this does not include the “economic disruption that resulted from the border crossing blockades, troubling as they were.” https://theccf.ca/emergencies-act-use-unconstitutional/
Have you gotten a letter from the Pension Centre about pension time repayment options during your forced LWOP? Even though we obviously strongly disagree with PS being forced on LWOP and are fighting this through our Class Action Lawsuit, you still have to make a decision about this leave and how it impacts your pension. Watch this video to understand your options about your missed pension time.

Many FPS have been successful at getting Back-pay through Grievances & Arbitration, but had to sign an NDA stating no further legal action would be taken. So they can’t go after the government for harms committed to their personal lives, their careers and more. These cases unfortunately hold no legal case precedence as they were through the FPS labour board, but they can be brought forward as evidence to the wrongs committed upon the discriminated FPS when the policy was enacted for our Class Action. https://youtu.be/Ek_dQ2WNL9s?si=kD5zi7gEZBxptqFU
The Volunteer meeting will be Postponed until June 5th, thanks for being patient with the pending arrival of our newest Freedom Fighter. 🤍