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Canadian Federal Public Service Employees & like minded individuals against mandatory vaccination.
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Our petition in support of my Jobs & Jabs Bill is now 120,000 signatures strong. We now need to leverage our collective voices to put pressure on all Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) to not block my Bill from moving to third reading when I do so on the afternoon of Tuesday October 5, 2021. If passed, my Bill will protect workers from termination or being placed on leave of absence due to their vaccination status or failing to disclose their vaccination status.

All it takes is one MPP to block the Bill on Tuesday, meaning it would be stuck in parliamentary procedure for 6 to 9 months. That is why we must now, collectively, put maximum pressure on Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Labour Monte McNaughton, House Leader Paul Calandra, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, Liberal Leader Steven Del Luca and your local MPP. Your local MPP must know that you will not stand for him or her blocking Roman’s Jobs Bill.

Between the time you read this email and before Friday 3pm, I ask each of you to complete at least 3 of the following 4 items:

Send an email AND call the office of as many people mentioned above and urge them not to cost you or your loved one their job by blocking my Jobs & Jabs Bill. (their contact info is below)

Call and tell your MPP’s staff and email your MPP’s constituency office and demand that they do not cost you or your loved one their job by blocking my Jobs & Jabs Bill. To find your MPP by postal code visit https://voterinformationservice.elections.on.ca/en/election/search

Post on all your social media that Doug Ford has an option to save hundreds of thousands of jobs but if any of his MPPs block my Bill (we are watching Government House Leader, Paul Calandra) he will sentence hundreds and thousands of people to unemployment. Please tag @Fordnation/FordnationDougFord @paulcalandra @MonteMcnaughton.

Write a Letter (email) to the Editor of your local newspaper or any province wide newspaper. Your letter should implore that no one should lose their job because of a personal medical choice and that MPPs will have a chance to save all jobs this Tuesday, October 5th, by not blocking MPP Roman Baber’s Jobs & Jabs Bill.

Your emails should be short and personalized to the extent that you are comfortable. For example:

“My name is Roman, I’m a teacher/nurse/police officer/IT manager with industry/board/company. I made a personal decision not to vaccine because I had covid/I am not material risk of covid/I am afraid of needles/that is my choice to make. As a result of my decision I will be suspended as of __ and/or I will lose my job in/on ___. I love my job and I need it to feed my family/pay rent.

I ask that you please don’t cost me my job by blocking the Jobs and Jabs Bill which will come to the floor of Parliament on Tuesday October 5, 2021. If you block the Bill, you will sentence me to unemployment.

(In emails directed to your MPP Add): If you or anyone in your Party blocks my Bill, my family, friends and neighbours will do everything in my power to make sure you do not get re-elected. We will all be watching on October 5 and we will know if you or any member of your Party blocked the Jobs and Jabs Bill and rendered us unemployed.

For your convenience, please refer to the relevant emails and telephone numbers below:

Name Phone E-mail
Doug Ford (Premier) (416) 325-1941 Premier@ontario.ca
Monte McNaughton (Minister of Labour) (519) 245-8696 monte.mcnaughtonco@pc.ola.org
Paul Calandra (Government House Leader) (905) 642-2588 paul.calandra@pc.ola.org
Andrea Horwath (NDP Leader) (905) 544-9644 horwatha-qp@ndp.on.ca
Steven Del Duca (Liberal Leader) (416) 961-3800 info.leader@ontarioliberal.ca
PLUS Your MPP - Find your MPP by postal code at this link: https://voterinformationservice.elections.on.ca/en/election/search

With less than a week to go we are entering crunch time. My staff and I are determined to do everything in our power to help approximately 1 million working Ontarians who made a different medical choice than most Ontarians.
Because we are Ontarians and Canadians, we should all stand up for each other’s choice and choice should not lead to unemployment.

Let’s get to work. 3 out of 4 items by Friday, 3pm. We are all counting on each other to help us get to the finish line this Tuesday.

Thank you so much for your help and your kind support.

Yours very truly,
Roman Baber
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I am pleased to announce, the first Feds For Freedom Fundraiser!

Tickets are now available for our 50/50 raffle. Sales will continue till two weeks from today, and the draw will be held that evening.

I realize many people are short of cash and cannot contribute, please don't feel pressured. This is for those who can afford it.

Please share the following link to help us out (if you do buy tickets, you can earn additional entries by sharing).

Thanks all, share this all over social media. We need to fill our coffers for the fight coming.

The REAL Truth: Your Weekly News. This week is only 2 very important videos in there own way! Check them out! https://www.fedsforfreedom.ca/research/the-real-truth-your-weekly-news-5/
Good Morning All,

A policy will be coming out today in all likelihood. We all knew this was coming, but none the less it is a somber day.

They will first be asking all Federal Employees their vaccination status:
1. Yes, Vaccinated
2. No, Not Vaccinated
3. I decline to share my medical information
There will be a deadline to answer this question by the end of October.

YOUR ANSWER: I decline to share my medical information or I decline to waive my right to medical privacy. Do not provide them the information if you are or are not vaccinated.

Second they will have to offer/request exemptions for "accommodations"
1. Medical: Will most likely need a doctors note
2. Religious: They will not be able to request your religious beliefs. You may request an exemption based on simply being spiritual.
(If your provide an exemption and are in Rocco's Lawsuit you will no longer be eligible to participate).

There will be a specific Federal Employee App that they will try to get us to use, to track status and other information. They do not pay our phone bills, therefore we do not have to use this application.

These are your next steps forward as a Federal Employee. We must use any means necessary, they have now followed through on their empty threats. HOLD THE LINE, STAY STRONG & STAND TALL!! ♥️🇨🇦 https://www.fedsforfreedom.ca/general-information/what-are-the-steps-forward/
PSAC Members:

URGENT: PSAC GROUP LETTER TO THE UNION. Please read and sign if you would like!
⚠️⚠️URGENT: Open letter from Federal Employee’s to the Prime Minister⚠️⚠️
Please sign now!!!

4 hours left to the raffle draw, winnings are currently ~$1150, $10/10 entries!

This will be going toward legal, operating costs & all transactions will be recorded and shared with our group.
Good Morning Everyone!

I realize we have a ton of new members and I wanted to reintroduce myself! I am the founder of FedsForFreedom. I am a graphic designer. I sincerely believe that these mandates are fundamental wrong. FedsForFreedom was developed to help Canadian Federal Public Service employees & federally regulated employees connect, share information & enact initiatives that will push back to the unions and our employers against this. The path everyone chooses is their own path, we are not here to council you. Only give you all of your options and let you make your own informed choice for you and your families future. STAY STRONG, STAND TALL & HOLD THE LINE! ♥️🇨🇦

FFF - All members
Date & Time: Monday’s at 8:00 pm EST
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We all deserve equal rights and freedoms!! ♥️
FedsForFreedom a pro freedom movement!! ♥️🇨🇦
There was a misunderstanding on my part with reguards to Roccos advice surrounding the Attestation forms.
Your employers Q: Should I fill out the attestation as requested by my employer?
A: Rocco has indicated asking any type of medical information is illegal. If you are on the lawsuit and willing to accept LWOP etc.…then not filling out the attestation will end up with the same result. We respect everyone’s decision with respects to this, and in the end, it is your decision

My sincere apologies members!! ♥️
We've had a lot of questions surrounding the Federal Employee Lawsuit and have created a Q&A document in hopes this will address the most frequently asked questions.
Police on Guard is comprised of volunteers and we are doing our best to address the overwhelming questions we get on a daily basis. There are 3 POG members addressing hundreds of emails a day from all across Canada.
We shouldered this massive undertaking for all Canadians and we understand the confusion and trepidation. We just ask that you be patient with us, we are doing our best.
We will always Stand on Guard for Thee!!!!
Click here to read the post on our website that contains the Q&A Document