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Canadian Federal Public Service Employees & like minded individuals against mandatory vaccination.
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Do you want to make a difference!? Take 5 minutes out of your day to SIGN THIS PETITION e-3588: For use of Ivermectin against COVID! If a drug is saving people lives and not harming anyone while doing so we should be using it!!! This petition is registered with the House of Commons and will be presented once closed for signatures! #ShareThisPost
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Please fill out this survey to prepare yourself for an individual grievance, with or without your unions support you can file! We will contact you very soon with information on how we can help you file! https://www.fedsforfreedom.ca/grievance-survey/
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- Scientists - able to fact check studies!
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We are collective evidence, if you have any MEDICAL studies based on the below topics please email them to me at contact@fedsforfreedom.ca

- Vaccine Efficacy - Still able to contract, transmit & die
- Adverse Side Effects - Increase of rare conditions
- Other Vaccine’s - What they were pulled off the shelf for
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If you are NOT in Rocco's or Bergman's Lawsuit, the best course of action is filling an individual grievance. https://mailchi.mp/5fbaa777d5fd/updates-grievance-announcement
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There will be a support group meeting tonight however!
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Since StatsCan has not updated their website to show us citizens, deaths from 2020. Here you all are! All of the data here was collected by StatsCan, as you can see they have not broken down many of the normal categories they use.
Before you go vaxxing your children, please do your research!! The cases in adolescents have always been the highest, with a low amount of hospitalizations and deaths. THE RISK IS NOT WORTH THE "REWARD".
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REPOSTING*** Hello everyone!


I am one of the admins and organizers of the Michael Bergman lawsuit (which many of you are part of).

Our lawyers are in need, on a very short notice, for volunteers to fill out affidavits for our litigation (which is to permanently take down the vaccine mandate).

The affidavit is mostly a template where you fill out some information that is highlighted.

These specific affidavits are aimed at responding to the governments lawyers argument that negative side effects of the vaccine are not being reported to the government. And hence the governments numbers are not accurate (regarding adverse reactions).

Here are the requirements to fill out the affidavit.

1. Have received 1 or 2 doses of any Canada approved vaccine

2. Have had extreme / permanent (at least long lasting) adverse reactions to the vaccine.

3. Have tried to report it to your doctor and it has been swept aside and not filed with the government.

4. Be able to dedicate an hour or 2 max to filling out the affidavit and another 15 minutes to virtually swear in the affidavit with the lawfirm. The affidavit must be completed and sent to the lawfirm ASAP (this afternoon) and can be sworn in this afternoon (if possible) if not on Monday morning next week.

5. Need to be proficient with the English language

Anyone can fill out this affidavit even if they are not federal government employees. You can share this message anywhere you want or send to anyone who meets these requirements!


You can send me a PM on signal for more information on the next steps to filling out this affidavit.

If the person does not have signal, you can give them my phone number (514-464-0305) where they could call or text me.

If you meet the requirements, please include in your message to me your email address!

Thank you all for your time and effort in this matter!!!
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🚨Grievance Workshop Tuesday November 23rd @ 8pm EST🚨
Zoom Meeting Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83997236045?pwd=QW53UEt5RkNXaHZNRGpwRGpVaUliZz09
Meeting ID: 839 9723 6045
Passcode: 009388
Phone in only:
+1 438 809 7799 Canada
+1 587 328 1099 Canada
+1 647 374 4685 Canada
+1 647 558 0588 Canada
+1 778 907 2071 Canada
+1 204 272 7920 Canada
Our "Next Steps" document has been updated to include a sample of an edited PDF attestation, how to file a complaint to the privacy commissioner and so much more!!
If you have not done this already. STOP USING ALL MS BROWSERS. Download "Brave Browser" and you will finally see everything on the internet you have been looking for!

We are in very early stages of obtaining legal services, to assist FedsForFreedom members with legal action against our employer and our union through labour adjudication. Details will emerge once everything has been finalized. Please remain patient and if you are not in a lawsuit yet, all hope is not lost! You can join our fight! STAND TALL, STAY STRONG & HOLD THE LINE.
🚨Do YOU need legal assistance? Do you NOT feel comfortable filing & self-representing your grievances? Do you have a little $$ available? THIS IS THE LEGAL ACTION FOR YOU!🚨
Follow the link NOW to fill out this survey, so FedsForFreedom can evaluate what union's have the largest amount of participants willing to fight. We have identified a legal counsel willing to take on our case & have been approved for crowd funding!
🚨Only 4 hours left to get your tickets!🚨If FedsForFreedom has helped you, please help support our cause!! Running this group does not come free, we have to pay for website plugins, legal assistance & more!

Today kicks off our 5th rolling 50/50 raffle!! This raffle will run an extra week to align with our December 20th Christmas Party (info coming soon)! Please share & join to win to help FedsForFreedom keep fighting the good fight! 🇨🇦
Attention Members: We will be collecting Victim Impact Statements to file with various Federal Departments, in order to increase the awareness of what these mandates are doing to us! Please submit your statements below, you can remain anonymous if you would like. 🇨🇦