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\ud83c\udde8\ud83c\udde6<\/b><\/i>MEMBERS PLEASE SHARE FAR & WIDE TO FELLOW FEDERAL PUBLIC SERVANTS WHO MAY BE LOOKING FOR LEGAL ASSISTANCE STILL! \ud83c\udde8\ud83c\udde6<\/b><\/i>We will be hosting a Legal Announcement meeting on Monday October 17th at 7:300pm EST to discuss how we will be moving forward with our legal campaign. We have prepared a presentation (FFF Relaunch) to breakdown our steps forward, our new structure and the advantages of joining our Membership.Our Campaign will be open to; Federal Public Servants, union members or non-union members, crown corporations or core-departments this campaign will encompass those terminated, on unpaid leave, retired early, employee\u2019s on sick leave as a result of the mandates and employees working but coerced into vaccines, across the entire Federal Public Service sector.https:\/\/mailchi.mp\/152f0066240a\/updates-links-9196017?e=[UNIQID]<\/a><\/div>\n\n